What you should be aware of...




Departure :

  • A draw will build the teams. As far as numbers are matching, teams will be composed of someone from Lithuania together with someone from overseas. Same for sexes. Ideally, for a matter of equal chances, teams should all be mixed. Cause as you probably know, hitchhiking might be slighlty harder for two men together than for two women or mixed sexes. Of course, unless great luck, it won't be the case for all. So you'll have to accept the fair decision of the initial draw.
  • We won't be able to accept anyone who hasn't registered beforehand.
  • To get out of Vilnius, you'll have the right to use one bus ticket.




What you should bring :

  • A camera or a mobile phone that takes good enough photos (if you don't have any, we'll arrange it so that your teammate will have one) 
  • A tent (same story, if you don't have any, please come, we'll find one for you)
  • A sleeping bag 
  • A map of Lithuania
  • A swimsuit 


What will be brought :

  • A better map! :-)
  • The Hitchhiking Package (more informations to come)
  • More tents in case there are not enough...
  • A good sunday evening dinner (a small financial participation will be asked for that)




Money for Lietuvos Gamtos Fondas :

  • Before the Race :

No rule for that. No one has to give. But we expect everybody to give at least a little something. We, Sabrina and Edouard, will give each a hundred litai at least. To show the example. Then it's up to you. Don't hesitate to ask your friends and family. They might not participate as racers, but why not as givers. If each of them gives five litai, you can end up with a pretty good support for Lietuvos Gamtos Fondas.

  • During the Race :

Always talk about the aim of the Race to all drivers who will pick you up. And tell them they have the opportunity to give money for a very good cause. Who knows, you might end up with a result you will be proud of...




Hitchhiker Ethics :

Different teams might meet at a spot or rest stop. The team that arrived first reserves the right to ask drivers and/or choose their favorite part of the spot. Is the spot quite small and you arrived last you might have to wait. If it's a larger place, talk to the already present team(s) and ask, where they'd like to try and restrain your activities to the rest of the spot. 




Photographic proof :

At all checkpoints, teams will have to take a picture for proof that they've been there. This picture will have to show the place AND the members of the team.




Overnight rest :

Resting time is compulsory overnight. All teams must stop hitchhiking at 9pm max. The lucky ones might get a long lift starting right before 9.30pm. But it is forbidden to start hitchhiking again after 9pm. And teams may not start hitching again before 6am.




Honesty :

  • If at any chance you really get stuck somewhere for half a day or something, and don't feel like carrying on, don't feel ashamed! Hop on a bus or a train, and join us in Kernave on sunday. Cause the Race is about sharing experiences and having fun. The only thing we'll ask you is to be honest and to tell us what happened for you. We're describing here the worst-case scenario, but we strongly believe it is extremely unlikely to happen...
  • No use of internet or phone to solve the tasks during the Race.
  • No cheating! Cheating would not only hurt other teams, it would destroy the fun of it all. Obviously, we don't have referees. But once again, we're quite sure this will not happen...




Arrival / ceremony :

The teams will be all welcomed from 10am on sunday the 21st. Cause who knows, some experienced hitchhikers, or some lucky beginners, might arrive way before the expected arrival. That's the beauty of hitchhiking, anything can happen.


On sunday, two buses, at 5pm and 5.17pm will bring first people back to Vilnius if they need to. We'll try to arrange later transport for the ones arriving later but who will still need to be back in Vilnius in the evening. But we hope no one will leave before 7pm. Cause the ceremony will be at 6pm.


On sunday night, we'll celebrate, share stories and have some good food in a place called Baltas Kalnas (about 15min. walk from Kernave itself). We can stay there overnight, and catch the early 6.37am bus if needed, or a later one for the lucky ones who don't have any plans on monday.