Full support for Lietuvos Gamtos Fondas

We decided to give full support to Lietuvos Gamtos Fondas (Lithuanian Fund for Nature, LFN), in two of their ongoing projects. 100% of the money you, participants, will be able to give, will go for :


1. Helping to achieve coexistence between farmers and wolves
Lietuvos Gamtos Fondas will purchase dogs and special fences for farmers in northern Lithuania where wolves attack livestock. It should prevent these attacks to happen again, and hunters won't need to shoot wolves anymore. Lithuanian wolf and lynx populations are decreasing quite dramatically, so NGOs fight for their protection.
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2. Editing of a fish guide for a sustainable use of ressources
Last year, Lietuvos Gamtos Fondas edited a seafood guide for consumers to educate them to eat fish in a sustainable way. It had received a huge success, all 2000 copies being given out to individuals, companies, cafes... The NGO now wants to print more, so as to contact the markets and food restaurants to educate them and involve them into this campaign, to stop selling or cooking endangered fish species.
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We are very glad we can support those two programs, because we know how useful they will be, and we know exactly where the money goes. It is not like giving money to a major cause without really knowing what it will be used for.


Lithuanian Fund for Nature is a  non-governmental nature conservation organisation that aims to encourage and support nature protection and the sustainable development of Lithuania.

The Lithuanian Fund for Nature is a partner organisation of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) representing the WWF programs in Lithuania. LFN is member of International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).