Who are we?


Sabrina and Edouard, the organisers of the event, are both doing a European volunteering service (EVS) in Lithuania. They started in may and will finish in december. Sabrina, from Germany, volunteers for Gražute Regional Park. Edouard, from France, volunteers for Aukštaitija National Park.


The idea of creating the event was born at the end of a one-week long meeting with other volunteers, after a creative writing workshop. But a few months beforehand, Edouard had met this young man from Germany, who had created a european hitchhiking race to promote the NGO "Viva con Agua".


Edouard thought it was brilliant. Because you can promote the cause you want to, while having lots of fun.


This Thumbs Up Race will be a fantastic opportunity to involve both Lithuanians and people from all over Europe, to get to know each others better. Cause better understanding is the key to a better future.